I 💜 Gel Nails/3D nail art!! 💅🏾

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One of my guilty pleasures is Gel sculpted nails/3D nail art. This is major nail work were talking about here, not just the cookie cutter tips and acrylics weve been forced for decades to settle for from the neighborhood vietnamese nail shop. The tuxedo, the black limousine, the [...]

Hello Kitty actually has its own Airline!!!

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I've crowned Hello Kitty as Tissy Rose's official arch nemesis...j/k I actually do love Hello Kitty and Sanrio! I'm very inspired By them🤗💖🎀. I simply aspire for Tissy Rose to embody the same overload of happy thoughts and visually charged cuteness as Sanrio has, and I want a [...]

How cool is this?!

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This is great for kids, even adults on a long trip or under circumstances where someone has to lay down while riding in the car. You should be able to find it on Amazon.com. I guess just search inflatable backseat car bed, or something like that.

DIY Fork (or spoon) Ring 🍴

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So ironic... my dad used to have a ring just like this when I was a little girl and I was just so intrigued by it. I would look at it and say to myself: "it looks just like it was a fork or spoon but it can't [...]

Japanese Goodies

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These are some of the Goodies I found from a grocery store here in Northern California where I live called Pacific Market. Which is one of the many reasons I can't move away from this part of America. Like Celie said: "I can't move...I gotta see her face...then [...]