Tissy Delight Rose

The main character of this delightful book series. The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose is based on the adventures and voyages of a sweet little Caribbean girl named Tissy Delight Rose. A Charismatic sweet faced little girl, with Dreamy Glass like eyes, who has sweet Poetic thoughts, and a colorful Rainbow Calypso imagination. Her heart is happy and her mind is pure. In her delicious world there are few boundaries to her always vibrant joy filled adventures and activities. Your going to want to be where she’s going, and go where she’s been. But we all can, because it’s only a beautiful thought away. Tissy Rose always wears her lagoon water filled glass pendant with floating aquatic opals in it. You will rarely see Tissy Rose without her Sugar Water friend Welly or her Cotton Candy lady bug Lula Pie. Always keep your eyes open to spot her cloud friend Baby Puff too. Oh and dare I forget to mention, Tissy Rose LOVES to eat Candy Cream Cakes!

Tissy Rose, Rocky & Bubba

Rocky & Bubba

Tissy Rose’s twin baby brothers. They love music and every chance they get they’re singing, dancing, or playing drums with twigs on anything they can catch a beat on. Rocky & Bubba take care of Solare, the galaxy chicken; They feed her a special recipe of fruit infused focaccia bread because they only eat fruit. Their favorite fruits are the sweet juicy peaches that grow on lush trees in Lola Peach Reef. They both wear a glass bracelet that their big sister Tissy Rose made for them; it’s filled with Lagoon water and the enchanting water stones just like the one she wears around her neck – you always know who is who by which arm their bracelets are on.

Lula Pie

A cotton candy lady bug that loves to tag along with Tissy Rose on her wonderful explorations. She likes to eat on soft cotton like sugar flowers and she is just as fun and adventurous as Tissy Rose is. Lula Pie, Welly, and Tissy Rose are nearly inseparable.

Candy Cream Cakes

Tissy Rose’s most favorite treat! They’re soft moist buttermilk cake biscuits that are topped with fluffy candy flavored butter cream mousse.


(Pronounced: Ore-Ree-Ah-Low)

Oriallo is not a mermaid. She is a beautiful water girl from a tropical island surrounded by water called Lola Peach reef. She’s a friend of Tissy Rose. Oriallo and her water family spends most of their time in or around the water so she has a gorgeous swim tail that she slides over her legs before she swims deep in the water. She does a lot of diving for aquatic opals and other beautiful water stones and her swim tail makes these voyages that much easier. In the debut book you’ll see how Tissy Rose and Oriallo meet. Look forward to seeing more of Oriallo in future Tissy Rose Books and meeting her water family too!


Meet Nollie, the Sugar Fairy from DeLa Crème! Every decadent pastry and delicious treat in The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose comes from the land of DeLa Crème and from the Pattissere magic of Nollie and her wing-ed friends. The air always smells like warm cake puffs and buttery cookie biscuits in DeLa Crème. Nollie is responsible for creating Tissy Rose’s favorite treats – Candy Cream Cakes!

DeLa Crème is  located in the Wanderful World of Tissy Rose just south of Kriss island and west of Klowsha Bubble Twinkle Valley.


Dewey is a Pixie Otter that is from the land of DeLa Crème however he is known to spend a lot of time in Pobbletopia and on Kriss island as well. He is a plump creature with tiny wings that don’t seem to be able to carry him but they do! He has an Olume (Oh-Loom) on his head from Pobbletopia and is often found frolicking in the air throughout the Wanderful World of Tissy Rose on no particular pursuit.


Soufflé is a juicy little sugar fairy creature. He is from DeLa Crème and assists Nollie in making all of the Wanderful treats for the Wanderful World of Tissy Rose. Soufflé smells like blueberry pie and is a master at sprinkling sugar sparkles all over the treats in perfect amounts. Whenever you see Nollie you will see Soufflé!

The BUBBLECREAM Fishes of Lola Peach Reef

These sweet rainbow colored bubble eyed goldfish -type fish- love the crystal clear waters of Lola Peach Reef. They come in many different color combinations and they love eating the sweet sea peaches that fall in the water off trees that grow along the shores of the reef. You will always see them swimming happily In the reef’s cool pastel blue waters or along side Oriallo and her family while on some of their diving voyages.

Baby Puff

A cute little aqua colored fluffy puff of a cloud that makes you smile. That’s it.


Pobbles are pond rocks that live along the banks of crystal clear Caribbean ponds, tide pools, and lagoons. Debuting in the second book in the series; They each have their own story about what goes on beneath the enchanting waters they live along the banks of. You will see many of them in Lola Peach Reef too!

Solare “The Galaxy Chicken”

(Pronounced: So-Lair) 

Solare is a superhero chicken from outter space. The strongest most courageous chicken that ever lived. Above her head hovers a halo of celestial Lights, and sparkles while beautiful iridescent colored feathers cover her body. Her illuminescence is believed to be a result of her strict diet of only focaccia bread. Like Baby Puff, you will see Solare randomly throughout the Wonderful World of Tissy Rose stories so, keep your eyes open for these special sightings. 



Is a water candy from the Sugar Blossom Lagoons of Japan and is Tissy Rose’s sweetest friend. You will often see Welly catching a ride on Tissy Rose’s shoulder, arm, head, or hand. When he’s submerged in water he glows pastel rainbow colors so that you can still find him.