Clowette, Author of Tissy Rose's Today

In the Author’s words:

A Caribbean girl at heart who was born and raised in sunny Florida. I have one amazing husband, eight wonderful children, and one darling niece that I’m entrusted to continue raising for my beautiful late sister. I’m the youngest of four fantastic people whom were bore to my lovely mother and one of a kind father. I’m an artist in many mediums and as long as I can remember I’ve been a whimsical euphoric thinker with a lucid imagination. The biggest challenge for me was to hone all of my artistic abilities and creativity into a single concentrated form or body of work. I’m so ecstatic to have created: The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose©️ book series which has given birth to: WanderMail®️ Letter Subscription, and Pobbles™️ Hand sculpted collectibles. This body of work is very personal to me because of the subtle similes from my own childhood tucked away in the characters and the stories. Tissy Rose is the child I was, the child I wanted to be, the child inside me now, and the child my children are.

Our entire lives are molded by and are a product of the intricate experiences we’ve had during our childhoods. A child’s mind is precious and so important in the universe. Children are the purest souls on earth in my opinion and they hold the keys to the well being of the future, from a technical standpoint. I want to add my positive imprint in the hearts and minds of the future generations of adults as I endorse reading as the greatest method of distributing knowledge – and knowledge is life’s currency. I hope to nurture healthy imagination in inquisitive minds with my stories and, promote the ideology that you too can one day live like Tissy Rose – enjoying a never ending, beautiful, vibrant, awe-inspiring, utopian life right here in our realm.

– S.Clowette.


Some areas of S.Clowette’s artistic abilities include, but are not limited to: drawing(2D traditional), writing(stories,songs,screenplay,poetry), painting(oil, acrylic, watercolor), sculpting(polymer clay/ceramic/cement/plaster etc), 3D illustration/animation(Procreate,adobe photoshop,Maya),and glass art(flamework). All of the character drawings on this website (2D traditional enhanced Digitally) of Tissy Rose and of the other characters from her wanderful world were all created and drawn by S.Clowette.

S.Clowette is also a singer/songwriter whose music is distributed worldwide by Sony.
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