I wanted the CAVS to win but Congrats to the Warriors for taking the 2017 NBA Championship title💪🏽 Pro basketball teams today are not much more than a little recreational entertainment for me. I’m not deeply affected by their Wins and Losses because, I grew up in an era where I actually watched with my own two eyes the GOAT and undisputedly one of the greatest teams in NBA history create awe-inspiring moments that even pictures could never entirely capture the true glory and splendor of. Seeing Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Tony Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Horace Grant, Ron Harper, B.J. Armstrong, John Paxon, Randy Brown, and the ChicagoBulls in their prime change the game of pro ball forever. It’s just one of those things in life that can never be duplicated. I still get goosebumps and chills when I see images like the ones below because it’s apart of me, apart of my life, of my family, my history. I can remember being a 9 year old tomboy decked out in Jordan/Chicago Bulls paraphernalia watching the finals with my family. My dad would bring the TV outside because our house wasn’t very big and we lived in the south, and in the south for some reason taking festivities outside just made everything that much more exciting and memorable. My somewhat prissy big sister who was anything but a tomboy, she didn’t even like to come outside because she hated the smell of cut grass. She would be outside too watching and rooting for the Bulls like she had money on them. And my dad who was a hater before it had that title, he was the only person in the yard rooting against Jordan and the Bulls. He didn’t care who won just not the team that Jordan played on. These were the only times I can remember being outside and not getting bit up by the military coalition of mosquitos in our yard or, maybe we were getting bit up but our adrenaline was so high watching a black man fly we didn’t feel it😝. Man, those were the days. I collected and traded Michael Jordan cards, I wore his shoes when they were exclusive and only a small class of individuals were so priveledged to be able to have a pair. That’s one of the biggest depreciations of Michael’s legacy today, how any and everybody has a pair of Jordan’s. This generation walks around in shoes they paid $300 for and have never even seen Michael Jordan play, or are even basketball fans who actually watch or have any interest in the game at all. It’s merely a fashion trend and in some cultures a tacky flaunt of ones egotistical monetary value to wear a pair of Nike air Jordan’s now. Times have changed a lot and so has the game of basketball. I like the Cavs because LeBron puts me in the mind of MJ with his leadership and basketball IQ. And the Cavaliers team has a little grit to them that also reminds me of the spirit of the NBA teams in the 90’s. Because of that, I’ve began to watch basketball sentimentally again and engage in the sports media journalism shenanigans with characters such as: Steven A and Max, Shannon Sharpe and Skip, LeBatard, Jalen Rose, Chris Broussard, Colin Cowherd to name a few, Gotta love sports journalism entertainment like that! But, with so many opinions, emotions, politics, comparisons, stats etc etc. there’s only 1 fact: Michael Jordan is the Greatest pro basketball player that ever lived on this planet… as of today.