I wonder, does this type of thing exist? A baking nook? Pinterest has failed to give me that definite answer. At any rate I’ve been diligently dreaming of a sweet little separate baking kitchen in my house, when I get a house, that feels like Yumeiro Patisserie was sipping tea with Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in a little shabby chic macaroon shop on Prince Edward Island. The air will be filled with warm sweet smells of pies, moist cakes, fluffy biscuits, danishes, donuts, chewy cookies, and buttery funnel cakes to say the least. Mmm, what a delicious dream I’m always having… that explains my frequent sudden cravings for all things baked and sweet. My love for high quality cake and baked goods originated with none other than the finest bakery in my hometown of Florida: Publix Bakery. If you don’t know, now you know 🤙🏽🙌🏽. Until I get my baking nook, I must continue displaying to my family why I’m so deserving of one… so, I bake.