When I look around in my house I don’t see you here.
In the store, at the beach, ain’t nobody you.

I find myself talking to your name

Quote a movie with me,
Laughing when were sleepy,
How long is it gon’ be,
Before we’re…

Eating our favorite foods again,
Staying up all night,
Talking till’ night time ends.

Who gonna check my thoughts?
I even loved you when you were wrong.

I’m gon’ be alright
If I get through this song.

When the universe shifted,
The next day I woke up instead.

The grass ain’t green no more
And now the sky is red.

The birds weren’t singing they were screaming
I gotta find me song to sing all my pain away with

Come on laugh with me
I know you never stopped loving me

And oh I, I believe your free
While you’re sleep.

But one day, its gonna be you and me.