Nohing taste better than healthy feels. Yet, plant based food tastes phenomenal. You don’t need to compromise flavor and taste. It’s all about eating guilt free. Eating until you’re satisfied, not full. It’s been a long time coming and I’m thankful to have been alive to be able to make a lifestyle change that changed my life. No judgement of those who choose to include meat and dairy in their diet. It’s all about doing what works best for you. Doing better than what you were doing. Even my daddy who is the poster boy for artery clogging southern comfort foods now uses vegan butter on the rice he smothers with chitterlings and hog maws. (Feel free to google that). I just decided to stop masquerading around as a carnivore when I have no fangs, claws, nor a digestive system with short enough intestines to keep animal flesh from putrefying for months (even years) along side my vital organs. Knowledge is life’s currency. Educate yourselves on putting the proper fuel in your body’s engine and it will run well for a very long time. In the infamous words of my daddy, “ I done ate everything but a boot and i’m working on that!” I suppose if he decided to not eat boots he’d live long pass the 70 years he’s already been with our family, and we’d all appreciate that💜🌹. Thank you for the moment. 🌱