Hold your head high, don’t dress/groom yourself to look how bad you feel, treat people with love and respect even though you are sad, when you catch eyes with someone fake a smile or give a real wince, start a week long inner prayer, watch a good movie, eat your favorite food, put clean sheets and pillow cases on your bed, don’t give in to having that nervous breakdown we all deserve, verbally purge your ugly faults and mistakes in your extended prayer while taking a steaming hot shower, have a good cry(even if you’re a male), get out of the shower, dry off, put on the most comfortable soft pajamas you own, or go green (nude), get in your bed and cover up to your neck, think hard about the person(s) you love the most in the world and why you love them, that may slip you into a continuation of your extended prayer, which in turn may irritate your tear ducts, just let them fall, and fall, and fall asleep. Repeat as needed or until you’re alive again.


I’ll let you know if it worked.