I’ve crowned Hello Kitty as Tissy Rose’s official arch nemesis…j/k I actually do love Hello Kitty and Sanrio! I’m very inspired By them🤗💖🎀. I simply aspire for Tissy Rose to embody the same overload of happy thoughts and visually charged cuteness as Sanrio has, and I want a Tissy Rose version of everything too. Tissy Rose toys, food, clothes, stationary, cell phones and other electronics and accessories, cars, mobile food trucks, nail art, cartoons, movies, restaurants, parks, bikes, skates, skooters, candy, water, baby stuff, an airline and more😍💜💮🍭🍰🍉🍪🍓🍼🌺🐠🐼

I suppose if I could, I’d love to fly Hello Kitty style…that is until Tissy Rose Air is launched😏👌🏾💜